Organizing specialized trainings

EFTA SERVICES has experience in the preparation and organization of specialized trainings. It is important for us not only to provide specific information or knowledge to our clients, but also to pass it on to them in the best way, thus contributing to the sustainable development of human capital. We develop and organize various types of trainings in areas such as preparation of procedures under the Public Procurement Act, preparation of project proposals, project management and implementation, etc. We organize and conduct specialized trainings on topics such as application of state aid rules and specific trainings for administration purposes at local, regional and central level.

Some of the projects we have implemented in this area are:

Organizing and conducting 9 thematic seminars and 7 thematic practical seminars, in 2 LOTs: LOT № 1 “Organizing and conducting 9 thematic seminars“ and LOT № 2 “Organizing and conducting 7 thematic practical seminars on a project with Title “Together in the fight against prejudice and stereotypes - employment and entrepreneurship of the GTD“ funded by a selection procedure for grant projects: BG65AMNP001-2.005 “Integration and legal migration - measures to implement the EC Integration Action Plan to third-country nationals “under the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund“, co-financed by the European Union.

Client: Projecta Foundation

“Trainings for improving the capacity of municipal employees“ Lot 2 “Trainings for improving the capacity of municipal employees in the field of municipal property management, spatial planning and protection of cultural and historical heritage and tourism development“ under the project “Increasing the knowledge, skills and qualifications of the municipal employees “under an Administrative Contract № BG05SFOP001-2.015-0001 / 10.04.2020

Client: National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria (NAMRB).