About us

Who are we

EFTA SERVICES is a consulting company providing services in the field of project and legal consulting under programmes and projects financed under European funds, national programmes or other sources, incl. funds provided by the private sector or other international donor programmes and instruments.

Our main experience is in providing consulting services for preparation, management and implementation of programmes and projects; legal advice on the applicable legal framework; conducting feasibility and other studies; performing assessments and analyses; preparation of strategic and methodological documents; preparation of project proposals; organization of specialized trainings; advising on applicable state aid schemes; organization and implementation of information and communication activities; preparation of marketing strategies; Promotion of information and advertisement products; conducting sociological research; collection and processing of databases, information arrays, etc.


Our main clients are state administration structures at local, regional and central level, business and civil society.


Our mission is to provide the best consulting and business solutions, guaranteeing the prosperity of our clients.


  • To find the most effective, efficient and good solutions for our clients.
  • To provide quality and timely consulting services to our clients.
  • To support the successful achievement of the strategic goals of our clients.
  • To assist professionally in achieving the best results for our clients.
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Principles of operation

  • We provide competent, independent and objective consultations and business solutions.
  • We guarantee full compliance with the applicable regulations and good practices.
  • We rely on productive dialogue and good work communication.
  • We focus on the professional, innovative and creative approach in our work.
  • We are focused on achieving the best result in the best way.

The management of EFTA SERVICES highly values the human capital, the shared values and the principles of work as well as the highly motivated and cohesive team.